Encounter Kids


Encounter Kids

We are passionate about our children discovering Jesus for themselves. Our Sunday activities in Encounter Kids are aimed at enabling our children to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the everyday life and encounter him for themselves.

What Is Our Vision Statement?

We aim to:

  • Meet the children where they are
  • Encourage them to walk with Jesus
  • Nurture them and love them
  • Teach them the truth
  • Offer our time, prayer and support
  • Respect them

What Do We Do?

Encounter Kids is for children aged between preschool age (the term after they turn 3) and until they go to high school. We believe it is so important to worship together as a whole family which means that the children join the main church for the first part of the service.

When we leave the main service, we join as a whole group where we worship, sing some actions songs or use some creative prayer. This is also a great time to hear any family news or celebrate with the children. The children then split into their four age groups: Explore (pre-school/the term after they hit 3 to Reception), Excite (Years 1-2), Energize (Years 3-4) and Exchange (Years 5-6). All the children will be looking at the same topic in a way that is catered to their age group. The session will involve a variety of activities including games, an animated bible story, discussion, craft, prayer and juice.

Will My Child Be Looked After?

Absolutely! Our Encounter Kids team are dedicated people who love kids. They are all trained in line with our safeguarding policy and have up to date checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). If your child is anxious about joining in, the team will provide support and encouragement. Members of our team have experience supporting children with learning difficulties as well, so they will make every effort to care for your child. If any child becomes distressed during Encounter Kids and wants to leave, a member of the team will bring them back to their parents.

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can contact our Director of Children’s Ministry, Debs Price, dprice@encounterchurch.uk to ask any questions before your visit.